Apple’s iOS more secure than Google’s Android OS

Posted on Jun 30 2011 - 7:00pm by Julius

iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system that powers the company’s iPhone and iPad, has more protection than its rival Android, security experts at Symantec recently reported.

This week, the security company Symantec published “A Window Into Mobile Device Security,” a 23-page publication that details Apple and Google’s security approaches in their mobile operating systems. The publication also features a close look at possible security holes that are found in the Android and iOS platforms.

Symantec found that the iOS is more secure than the Android platform. Apple’s iOS was said to have “full protection” against malware attacks, while Android was said to have little protection.

iOS was said to have more protection against data loss, data integrity attacks, resource abuse and service attacks, and denial of service attacks. According to the company, the Android only topped the iOS in one category: isolation, where the iOS was said to have “moderate protection.”

Since no operating system is 100 percent secure, Apple’s iOS does have some vulnerabilities. These minor vulnerabilities only allow attackers to control only a single process, not the entire iOS device, says the report. However, some of these can enable the attacker to access all of the device’s data and services.

This should be an eye opener for iOS users who think that Apple devices are malware-proof. Jailbroken devices have lesser security, but despite of Apple’s warnings, fans continue to ignore this fact and still jailbreak their devices.

Should Symantec’s report serve as a wake up call for both Apple and Google to increase their device’s security capabilities?

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  1. Mark Procter July 1, 2011 at 11:06 am - Reply

    I would not let Symantec's bloated, invasive and impossible to remove malware excuse for an anti-virus program any where near my computer…so i'm hardly going to listen to their opinion on IOS when 5 got jailbroken the day of release

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