Apple’s iPad 3 to use a thinner and lighter battery

Posted on Sep 7 2011 - 11:45pm by Robert

Apple is reported to have chosen two parts suppliers that will provide batteries for the company’s third-generation iPad, reports say.

According to Taiwan Economic News, Dynapack International Technology Corp. and Simplo Technology Co. have been chosen to manufacture the iPad 3’s batteries, which will be lighter and thinner, but will be 20 to 30 percent more expensive. The publication also said that both companies will be supplying batteries for Apple’s MacBook and iPad lineup.

The battery packs supplied by the two companies will be required to meet the CTIA IEEE 1625 standard, which provides a basis for making high-quality, safer batteries. Apple will be adapting this standard, as suppliers like AT&T will not sell a device that doesn’t conform to the standard.

“Furthermore, the new battery pack will also be required to meet CTIA IEE 1625 standard for better quality and safety reliability, a trend that has been commonly seen nowadays, especially in the U.S.,” according to the report.

The report said that the new iPad 3 batteries will have a “longer service life” than the ones used in the iPad 2.

AppleInsider said that Dynapack and Simplo are to begin providing batteries in the fourth quarter 2011. This will mark the start of the iPad 3’s production and will put both companies in a position to earn record revenues.

It was rumored last month that Apple was already near the trial production phase of the iPad 3, which is expected to have a Retina Display. The display is said to be provided by Samsung Electronics, Sharp and LG Display. Rumors also claim that the iPad 3 will run on the ARM-based A6 mobile processor.

With the higher costs of manufacturing iPad 3’s batteries, are we expecting a more expensive iPad in the future?


via: International Business Times

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