Apps of the Month October 2009

Posted on Oct 4 2009 - 9:19pm by Richard Sharp

Postage ~ Postcards
Though this is described as a postcard maker it is essentially a fully featured image editor that expands on the standard offering from Apple. This app allows you to edit all of the photos you’ve taken with your iPhone, or any which you have transferred to its gargantuan storage space. You can then add frames and cut-outs overlaid on top to create something that looks unique or quirky. For example you can place a bear costume over the top of a picture of yourself or add a speech bubble with some witty quip to a picture of your cat. You can also jazz up any of your photos with animations, graphics and additional effects. Once you’re happy with the results, you can email the finished product to friends and family for a personalised greeting.

Topple 2
The original Topple won an award from Apple themselves and the sequel is not only great value but huge fun. Like all great mobile games the concept is simple, you have to stack blocks one after the other, dragging them with your finger, without any of them falling over. There are an additional 4 modes in Topple 2 and there’s the ability for you and a friend to play against one another or race for the best score via social networking connectivity.

If you consider yourself a fan of the English language and the beauty which it can be used to evoke, then this is the app for you. It comes complete with every single one of Shakespeare’s 40 plays for you to browse at your leisure, as well as all of the sonnets he produced. You can choose the font and colour of the text to suit your preference and the iPhone’s touch sensitive interface can be used to scroll your way through the Bard’s works. This is ideal for those who want to reacquaint themselves with a unique body of work, or for students who could do with a study guide that they can take with them.

The modern home can become a storage space for huge collections of possessions and keeping tabs on what you’ve got and what you’ve got rid of is virtually impossible. However, with the iOwn inventory app you can collate information on all of the possessions in your house. It makes sorting out a loft or locating a particular object less painful and you can even backup the data on-line for free.

For golfing enthusiasts there’s only one app that will help you improve your handicap so significantly. The BreakMeter can improve your putting capabilities by using the iPhones accelerometer to calculate the layout of the green on the fly.

Air Sharing
An all in one solution to your computing and data synchronisation needs. Air sharing lets you connect wirelessly to any networked computer, accessing files which you can quickly drag and drop for storage on your iPhone. You can also use it to view a variety of popular file types, including word documents and PDF presentations, on your iPhone.

iBird Explorer
If you’ve got a penchant for the ornithological then this is the reference guide app that you will need. So frequently people are out in the field and see a bird which they can’t identify by sight. With your iPhone and this app you can access a library of images, illustrations, sounds and descriptions to help you pinpoint your latest sighting.

A landmark in musical creation apps, Bloom lets you explore your musical abilities and create songs from scratch simply by interacting with the touch screen. It’s not just about the tunes, as animations and images are generated to accompany your sonic creations. If you leave Bloom to its own devices similarly engaging and interesting results are produced.

A must-have business and travel app, FlightTrack lets you view up to date flight information, maps and weather updates in the palm of your hand. It will even allow you to check flight times and cancellation information as well as specific info on the aircraft make and the speed at which it is travelling for any given flight.

If you are interested in stellar gazing but lack the expertise to get started, Starmap is here to help. With over 350 000 stars stored in its extensive mapping system you can identify constellations with ease. You can also take a closer look at the galaxies in close proximity to our own and objects such as asteroids. To top it all off there is the inclusion of a lunar calendar to help you pick out the most visible stars, depending on which night of the year it is.

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