As Samsung Announces Hefty Tab Prices All Eyes Turn To Microsoft Slate

Posted on Oct 5 2010 - 1:28pm by Matt Jackson

Many in the tech world have been waiting for the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the hope that it will prove to be a real contender for the crown that the Apple iPad essentially created. Nobody really knows why they need a tablet PC that has fewer functions than the average smartphone and yet everybody seemingly wants one. Unfortunately, while the waves have been good regarding the features that are set to be crammed into the Samsung Galaxy, the news is definitely bad when it comes to pricing.

Bearing in mind the highest spec iPad will cost you around £530, it’s more than a little alarming to learn that you’ll have to pay £600 for the Galaxy Tab – a price confirmed this morning by DSG, owners of Dixons, Currys, et al.

And so, without further ado, we move on to the next potential iPad killer – the Microsoft Slate.

It’s no surprise or coincidence that more companies are coming out to manufacture their own equivalent of tablet PCs. The Christmas buying season is all but here and the popularity of the iPad is somehow not waning as yet. What’s more, a couple of companies including LG, have delayed their devices leaving a definite gap in the market that could well be plugged by a decent release (with a reasonable price tag).

Steve Ballmer, the chief exec of Microsoft, has announced that in a bid to cover all form factors they have done work on a tablet style PC that will run the Windows operating system and be available in time for Christmas.

In all honesty, this could prove to be a big competitor because there is a large portion of the PC and laptop market that are most comfortable with the Windows Operating System and this will almost definitely appeal to them more than the iPad does.

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