AstroClip lets you take space photos using your iPhone 4

Posted on Jul 21 2011 - 1:12pm by Robert

The iPhone 4 can take really astonishing pictures for a camera phone. Compared to other camera phones and dedicated digital cameras, the iPhone beats most of them in terms of picture quality and customization. Now, a designer from Boston is aiming to manufacture an iPhone camera add-on called the AstroClip.

Designer Matthew Geyster, owner of a company that makes iPhone cases called BaseOne Labs, designed an iPhone 4 camera add-on that lets you take stunning photos of outer space.

“The AstroClip is a simple attachment that mounts your iPhone 4 to any telescope with a 1.25-inch wide eye piece. This allows you to easily photograph the moon and galaxy with just your iPhone 4. There’s no need for an expensive add-on camera,” Geyster said on the product’s KickStarter page.

To take photos of outer space, all you need is an iPhone 4, a telescope and the AstroClip. It can be installed by tightening the AstroClip to the telescope’s eyepiece, pop in the iPhone 4 and that’s it.

Talking about the product’s design, he said, “The AstroClip is designed to be very minimal, while still being fully functional. The clip is very simple and rigid to hold your iPhone 4 steady and securely for the perfect shot. I also added the three adjustment screws that look like they’re meant to be on a telescope. With the simplicity and functionality of the AstroClip you will be taking great photos of outer space in no time at all.”

The AstroClip project is just new, and only have a backer who pledged $25 of the $15,000 goal. You can check out more by visiting the project’s KickStarter page.

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