Baby Shaker App pulled by Apple after outcry

Posted on Apr 25 2009 - 9:06pm by Richard Sharp

baby-shakerApple and Sikalosoft are probably rueing the day that they decided to launch an iPhone App ‘game’ that featured a crying baby that if shaken could be silenced when it died. A successful death would be shown by two red crosses over the eyes of the baby and the ‘game’ could be played again.

The iPhone ‘game’ developers (and we use that term very loosely, as there clearly had not been a lot of thought or skill gone into developing this rather crudely created App) Sikalosoft, have themselves gone to ground after the furore which has seen angry Children’s protection groups and parents rushing to complain to both the iPhone ‘game’ developers and Apple.

This appalling iPhone App was rightly removed by Apple though we are wondering what possessed a well known and respected organisation like Apple to agree to the release in the first place. Clearly some semblance of common sense has hit home and they have responded to the quite understandable outrage from the public and removed the ‘game’.

There is a place for humour in this world but you have to ask yourself what kind of sick puppy thinks ‘hey I know a great idea for a game for the iPhone, one that allows a player to shake a baby to death!’. Surely even a half wit can see that it is not an acceptable game…………. Hey, just thought of a new game, shake a Sikalosoft ‘game’ developer and Apple executive till they get some common sense!

Disclaimer: Gadgets and Gizmos would like to state that this was a statement of irony and we do not recommend the harming of Sikalosoft ‘game’ developers or Apple executives in any way!

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