BBC To Offer Mobile Content And HMV Offers Downloads

Posted on Jul 27 2010 - 2:30pm by Matt Jackson

The BBC is just about everywhere you go and while there has been some controversy in the past regarding whether or not viewers should be charged to watch iPlayer content on the Internet the trust has decided that they will offer similar content via smartphone apps. This means that soon you’ll be able to watch catch up TV, read headlines, and view sports highlights directly from the BBC on your mobile phone or other mobile device.

When it comes to paying money in order to develop new channels and new methods of showing media, the BBC Trust must undergo a value test which essentially determines whether or not they are spending license payer’s money wisely and fairly. However if the move is seen as being an obvious one with obvious merits then this full review does not need to be undergone and that is the view of Diane Coyle, BBC Trustee.

Meanwhile, HMV is also trying to make its way into the digital music marketplace. HMVdigital is the name of the new music download service and to celebrate its opening, the British company is offering all top 40 singles at just 40p each. Although the company has tried to claim they aren’t an iTunes competitor it’s difficult to see exactly how they won’t be as competition between the two services will naturally emerge and further develop.

The two services do differ to some degree. HMV tracks are compatible with any mp3 player and with millions of tracks available many of them are available at the best quality of mp3 file. If you download a track and then subsequently lose it, you can even download it again which is not permitted with the iTunes service.

Will you be trying out HMVdigital instead of iTunes?

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