Be Like Charlie Sheen with Tiger Blood Drink

Posted on Mar 9 2011 - 1:38pm by Robert

Some people are born to be wild and outrageous party animals without any extra help. However, if your name isn’t Charlie and your surname isn’t Sheen then you might be interested in trying the Tiger Blood Energy Drink which is out on the market now.

 This energy booster is sure to get your tail up and will help you live life to the full, even when you are feeling a bit tired or run down.

 The name came about after Sheen revealed to a stunned world that he has tiger blood in his system and Adonis DNA in his genetic makeup. He even claimed to be drinking tiger blood from a bottle as he recklessly brandished a machete on his rooftop recently.

 The makers of the drink, Harcos Laboratories, state that it is “made of 100% passion” and is designed to make your “brain fire”. We aren’t sure that we really want our brain to fire, but we are willing to give it a try anyway.

 Having never before tasted real tiger blood we can’t comment upon whether the flavour is authentic. Actually, rather than tasting like blood this energy drink comes in a tasty fruit punch flavour which will help you down enough of it to get you flying with no hassle. And since it has 80 mg of caffeine in it you shouldn’t need to drink too much of it to get you going.

 The presentation is an amusing IV drip bag idea, and hooking yourself up to one before a big exam or a night out sounds like a good way to get your adrenaline going and make the most of the huge levels of energy it gives you.

 Just be careful about drinking too much of this stuff and making your brain fire too much, as you might end up like good old Charlie.

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