Beat Your Chest and Get Some Rhythms Going

Posted on Sep 11 2012 - 8:07pm by Paul

If there is one burning question which has to be addressed in the modern world it is this one; what ever happened to the traditional one man band?

These guys used to briefly entertain us on the streets with their crazy and eclectic range of instruments which hung off their bodies. Sadly, they all seem to have realised that there are more sensible careers that don’t rely so heavily on banging cymbals together with their knees and pulling strings to bang the drum strapped to their backs.

Not to worry though, as a modern solution is at hand now. With an electronic drum machine t-shirt you can form your very own one man band and look groovy at the same time. This little beauty costs £29.99 and makes beating your own chest an infinitely more rewarding and melodic experience than it ever was before.

Different Ones to Choose From                                          

Those who are interested in the technical details will be delighted to see that there are 9 kits to choose from and that each one comes with 8 drum pads which are touch sensitive and attached to a portable speaker. The different set ups let you play different styles of music and there is even a loop function to let you get really creative.

The only drawback we can think of is that you probably don’t want to be caught out in the rain with this thing on. Otherwise, it looks like the kind of gadget which could bring you hours of fun and might even start you off on the road to a successful street busking career.

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