Bedphones: headphones designed for comfortable sleep

Posted on Aug 2 2011 - 6:40pm by Julius

There are two types of sleepers in the world – those who need zero noise and those who need a little ambient noise to help them sleep. Unfortunately, when these two types of people sleep together in a room, tensions will rise as they have to have what they require to get to dream land. Sleeping with earphones or headphones on can be effective, but waking up after a whole night having them on is such a hassle.

While in-ear earphones are more portable and compact, they just cannot beat a good headphone’s sound quality. However, its really agonizing to wake up wearing those bulky things. Product developer Eric Dubs of New York City developed the Bedphones, a pair of headphones specifically designed to be worn while sleeping.

The Bedphones is a thin hook-style on-ear headphones that is made with “infinitely moldable memory wire” that provides a custom fit, compared to fixed earhooks that are made from plastic or rubber. The Bedphones is claimed to be less than 1/4-inch thick, and with its speakers that are covered with foam, it should rest gently on your ears.

Bedphones also has an Android app that works with other headphones, but works best when paired with the Bedphones. The app has a “Smart Mode” that shuts the music automatically when the user falls asleep. It also has a “Timer Mode” that decreases the music’s volume to zero when the timer runs down and a “Basic Mode” that turns the smartphone’s screen into a giant play/pause button.

Check out Bedphone’s official website for more information.

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