Betzavta: The Garden Furniture You Water

Posted on Jul 24 2013 - 11:47am by Robert

No matter how much you love watering your garden you probably stop once you have soaked the green stuff and the things with flowery bits on the end. You certainly wouldn’t want to go on and water your garden furniture as well, would you? Would you?

Well, one person who thinks that you should be doing this is a chap called Itay Kirshenbaum. He is a designer from Israel and his Betzavta garden furniture brings a new twist to the idea of DIY furniture.

If you are brave enough to try this approach to kitting out your patio then you get given a canvas bag which looks a bit weirdly shaped but which you are unlikely to feel too comfortable sitting on. Ah, that’s because you still need to do some work on it.

Wet It and Mould It

betzavtaBasically, the furniture comes with concrete powder inside it, so that you need to wet it and then mould it into the exact shape you want. It comes with a system of wires which help you get into the shape you want and keep it there.

Kirshenbaum designed this furniture for his industrial design project in Hadassah College. It seems as though it takes 24 hours for the chairs and table to dry out once you have watered and shaped them.

In fact, this kind of furniture preparation method has already been used by the British firm Concrete Canvas to design DIY tents in a variety of sizes. The possible uses for this kind of easily transportable concrete shelter are still to be fully explored but the ideas of using them as shelters in disaster zones is one possibility which is already being discussed.

What would you mould?

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