Bike-riding without the effort, nice!

Posted on Apr 15 2008 - 4:38pm by Paul


OHM Cycles are the brain child behind the newly released electric-assist range of bicycles which they’ll have you know “lets riders climb hills faster and ride longer” – thanks to an electric motor attached to the bike.

The design is based on a standard bike wheel base with an added battery pack. The bike has a control panel, microchip processor, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a electric motor integrated into the hub of the rear wheel.

So, Lets assume your enjoying a leisurely ride in the countryside on a sunny afternoon and you approach a rather steep looking hill. As you exert more (peddle harder) to handle the change in terrain, the electric motor will kick in and assist you up the hill.

By and large, this is not a new concept we’ve all heard of old ‘peddle and pop’ scooters that have been around for years. The advantages with OHM’s attempt however, is the BionX motor which is a brushless wheel motor capable of peak power output of 700 Watts. The silent motor features a microprocessor that calculates rider thrust and compensates for the weakest leg to ensure a smooth ride.

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