Bio Robot Fridge Concept Stores Your Food in Green Goo

Posted on May 8 2011 - 11:06pm by Richard Sharp

This years Electrolux Design lab contest turned out some pretty impressive gadgets, of all the kitchen gadgets entered the Bio Robot Fridge took top honours and has to be the coolest – literally. The designer, Yuriy Dmitriev, wanted to create a new way to refrigerate items and he has easily achieved this.

The Bio Fridge has no door and no noisy motor making it ideal for a small home and eco-friendly at the same time. The gel like substance inside the fridge holds food items in place and keeps them cool at the same time, we’re unsure if the food comes out unscathed but we’d guess this goo isn’t sticky or it could put some people off.

The designer says that it has a much smaller carbon footprint than a traditional fridge but what we can’t fathom out is how often the gel inside the fridge needs to be changed or if it keeps its form when items are removed.

Another interesting feature is that the Bio Fridge can be installed on a wall in either landscape or portrait orientation and can even be mounted on the ceiling, ideal for places with zero gravity or extremely small spaces.

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