BMW Shows Off Self Driving Cars at CES

Posted on Jan 17 2014 - 9:29am by Thomas Sharp

With self driving cars coming closer all the time BMW has recently shown off its latest model, which can carry out some pretty impressive manoeuvres on their own.

A new study by IHS Automotive concluded that by the year 2050 most of the cars on our roads will be autonomous, with the driver having no part to play in the driving process. This sounds a long way off still but the latest advances shown by BMW show how quickly the technology is advancing in this respect.

Bending and Weaving Possible without a Driver


The giant car manufacturer showed off heavily modified 2 Series Coupe and & Series Gran Coupe vehicles which could do some amazing things on their own, such as drift around bends, weave between cones and control a power slide on a race track.

The cars use a 360 degree radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors to get a feel for their surroundings and adapt to them.

The demonstration took place at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. BMW is far from the only car manufacturer keen to improve on autonomous car technology, with Toyota among the other big names shows what it currently has to offer at the CES. Meanwhile, self parking cars which are controlled by smartphone apps have also caused a bit of a stir at the show.

The study we mentioned earlier also suggested that by 2035 over 9% of all car sales globally will be of autonomous cars. Another piece of research claimed that road fatalities in the US would drop by 1,000 a year if 10% of the cars on the road were self driving ones.

Would you be happy travelling in a self driving car?

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