BMW to Introduce AirTouch at CES 2016

Posted on Jan 7 2016 - 1:49pm by Robert

One of the most interesting developments to look out for at CES 2016 in Las Vegas comes from BMW.

The German car giant will use the upcoming technology show to reveal details of its Vision Car Initiative. This includes the AirTouch system, which allows drivers to use gestures to control certain aspects of their vehicle.

The word from BMW is that the system will still have a touchscreen included in it. However, it will be used to track the driver’s hand movements in the space between the dashboard and the rear-view mirror. This means that virtually the whole car is turned into a giant control pad that you can operate with simple gestures.

Radio and GPS Control Made Easier


The car’s navigation and communication systems can be controlled in this way. For example, using the GPS tracker or listening to the radio could be made a lot easier using just gestures. Just wave your hand and let it know if you want to change the radio channel or alter the volume. As well as being a cooler way of controlling a car, it is also hopped that the ease of doing this will make the roads safer too.

BMW has already introduced a limited amount of gesture control this year in its new 7 series of cars. This covers a limited number of gestures and controls, while AirTouch promises to bring a much more comprehensive approach to this subject.

Do you think that gesture control is the future for cars, or do you prefer the traditional approach of buttons and switches?

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