Bread Makers Are Favourite Gadget While Internet Dongles Are Most Hated

Posted on Oct 20 2010 - 10:56pm by Matt Jackson

Reevoo, the Internet based consumer review site that encourages consumers that have actually purchased products to leave their reviews and share their experiences with others, have released figures on the public’s favourite and least favourite gadgets.

The survey also revealed the main reasons why we love, or indeed hate, certain types of gadget as well as the fact that Brits are the third toughest consumers in Europe to please after France and Spain.

The data is compiled from reviews left in the last 12 months on more than 75,000 products by genuine consumers that have bought the products they review.

The worst gadget of all is apparently the Internet dongle with hair removal gadgets losing out in the battle for bottom spot. The reasons that people disliked gadgets were poor battery life, overly complicated setup, and an inability to do what they were supposed to do.

When it comes to top rated gadgets, the surprise at number 1 is the bread maker while items like TVs and DVD players also performed well. Slow cookers, coffee makers, and sewing machines were also up there as some of the first items along with digital cameras and games consoles.

The top reason for liking a gadget is the fact that it is easy to use. Being perceived as cool is another good reason for consumers to buy a particular gadget; the bread maker is a perfect example because of the quality of bread that it lets you create for friends and family.

London is the region that is hardest to please in the UK while Yorkshire is the most forgiving or easiest to please of all the counties. At least, that’s what Reevoo have managed to collate from more than 1 million user reviews that they looked at.

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