Brew Your Own Beer

Posted on May 22 2008 - 2:52pm by Richard Sharp

beermachine.jpgIt may be too late to celebrate the Champions League win with some home brewed beer, but this fantastic beer machine can create 17 pints of beer (ale or lager, you decide) in seven to ten days.

The machine itself might cost £100 making your beer just short of £6 per pint (cheaper than it was in Moscow last night I’m told, and around the price you pay in London) but once you’ve bought the machine itself refills cost marginally more than £30 and that will make 50 pints – that’s about 60p per pint.

You can choose from real ales or lagers with each refill and the process is so simple you could set another batch going after helping to consume the last one. Simply add the beer mixture, which consists of natural ingredients only, and leave it for the specific period of time (seven to ten days).

The result is a natural, chemical free, pint that I promise will taste better than the home brew moonshine your granddad used to make in the shed. Now, you can sit back, have a pint of beer on tap and you can still smoke at the bar. Just add a few friends and you’ve got the ingredients for a great night.

The Beer Machine and refills are available at

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