Brits consume 16 GB of data per month, study says

Posted on Nov 4 2011 - 8:11pm by Robert

UK-based communications regulator and competition authority Ofcom has revealed that the average home broadband user in the United Kingdom uses 17 GB of data on a monthly basis.

According to the firm’s study, 17 GB is the equivalent of streaming 12 hours of HD videos from BBC iPlayer, 12 days of streaming audio or downloading more than 11 movies per month.

The study revealed that 14 percent of home broadband connections are operating below the 2 Mb per second speed that is what is planned to be rolled out by the government in 2014.

“On average, residential fixed broadband customers are using 17 GB of data per month. This figure ranges from 10GB to 40 GB between operators,” read the report from Ofcom. “Data from the London Internet Exchange shows that traffic over its network routers, which interconnect the UK’s Internet Service Providers (ISPs), has increased seven fold in the past five years. While future demand for capacity is uncertain, if demand continues to increase at current rates ISPs will need to make further investment in their networks.”

Data revealed that 73 percent of businesses and homes in the UK enjoy 3G coverage from all five networks. However, only 13 percent of the UK is covered by the major networks. Users rely on 3G for its higher-speed data for services that include mobile internet.

The report also revealed that 97 percent of businesses and homes have enough signal from all four operators that offer 2G signals.


via: Ofcom

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  1. Louise Werner November 5, 2011 at 1:59 pm - Reply

    Its true..! I'm a Brit and i love iPlayer, surely the best on demand TV service in the word..? I even watch when abroad, I need to use to do it but it works great..:)

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