Brits Spend More Time Using Tech than Sleeping

Posted on May 25 2011 - 10:03pm by Richard Sharp

Shocking tech usage stats revealed

A study, entitled ‘Square eyes’ has discovered that Brits spend an average of 11 hours and 48 minutes every day staring at some kind of screen.

When stacked up to the 7.3 hours average time spent sleeping it makes an even more alarming statistic, but why is this so high?

The Square eyes research from esure suggests that hypergrowth in the tablet and computer industry has contributed to the increase in time. It also included the use of smart phones, desktop computers, ereaders televisions and portable gaming consoles.

What do people spend time doing?

Research has shown that the average Brit spends 4.7 hours each day watching TV, which is of no surprise. However, the average mobile phone user clocks up 1.2 hours a day looking at texts, emails, internet and gaming.

The growth in mobile devices has created a multi-screen culture, two thirds of the British public now use more than one device at the same time. The most common combination involves a TV and another device.

Even the sandman can’t turn off gadgets

In a previous article we explained that 20% of Brits would stop during an intimate moment to check their phone, alarmingly this statistic is reflected the morning after too. According to the research 27% check their phones within three minutes of waking up with 18% admitting they check their phone throughout the night.

366 of the 1024 (35%) explained they regularly fell asleep in front of the TV whilst 13% admitted they found it impossible to sleep without the TV being on.

Withdrawal symptoms and depression

Understandably the increase in technology use has led to some health problems including insomnia, anxiety and depression. The poll showed that 61% of people feel withdrawal symptoms if they don’t have their daily does of screen time. 36% reported feelings of frustration, 26% felt restless and 17% felt isolated and alone.

One disturbing side effect was reported by 8% of those polled, they admitted that technology use had actually been the main cause of a break up or loss of a close friend.

Screen time in strange places

Due to the nature of portable gadgets many Brits now use it in the strangest of places. The most popular place is in the bathroom whilst using the toilet. One in ten admit to using tech whilst operating dangerous machinery, 31% whilst crossing busy roads and 28% admitting looking at the internet whilst out socializing or at a party.

Are you shocked by this research?

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