BT Offering To Speed Up Broadband

Posted on Jun 11 2008 - 1:36pm by Richard Sharp

Bad Wiring Causing Bad Broadband Speed?BT has offered ts customers paid access to a service that guarantees to speed up Broadband access by up to 0.5Mbps. However, the service has come under fire for being expensive, priced at £90, although it does offer a money back guarantee if it doesn’t speed up your broadband connection.

The UK is hardly a leading light when it comes to fast Broadband access and BT ranks 8th for its connection speeds, with many customers complaining of poor connections. Poor, or intermittent, connection speeds can be caused by a great number of different factors including proximity to the exchange and even the electrical equipment that is plugged in near the router and other broadband equipment.

The £90 service from BT highlights the reasons that a customer is getting poor connection speeds and offers advice on how to remedy the situation. Simple PC tweaks can be made that may go some way to improving the connection but it may be that general wiring problems in the house are causing the problem.

Because the BT Accelerator is seen as being expensive, experts believe that consumers will continue to find other methods and services to improve their Broadband speeds. There are certainly numerous online speed testing sites that offer advice regarding PC tweaks in their forums. The question of Broadband speed is one that is hotly debated time and time again because many customers are extremely disappointed with the speeds they can obtain compared to the speeds that are advertised.

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