Can You Wait Until 2015 for Your Back to the Future Shoelaces?

Posted on Feb 20 2014 - 7:29pm by Robert


You might be delighted to see that one of the futuristic gadgets out of the Back to the Future films is going to be made available soon?

No, the time travelling DeLorean hasn’t gone into production yet. No, we don’t think that there are any plans for hoverboards to be released soon either. What we are talking about here are shoelaces. Self-tying shoelaces to be exact. Self-tying laces from Nike if you want it straight. Power laces, if you prefer.

Plans in the Pipeline

Plans for self-tying laces similar to the ones worn by Marty McFly have been announced by Nike designed Tinker Hatfield. It is expected that they will be available in 2015, which is the same year that they were from in the film. The clothing firm has already released (in 2011) a set of sneakers like the ones Michael J Fox wore in the movie, called Nike Air Mag. All that was missing were the laces which tied themselves.

It isn’t clear whether the new product will appear on those Nike Air Mag shoes or whether they will be used on a new footwear range.

Nike started people talking about this product back in 2010, when they applied for a patent for something they called automatically lacing trainers.

If you can’t wait until 2015 to let your shoes tie themselves then there is also a prototype created by the inventor Blake Bevin. She used an Arduino controller which works with a sensor in a Nike High Top.

Would you like to try power laces like these?

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