Canon Lens Shot Glasses: for all kinds of shooters

Posted on Aug 16 2011 - 1:42pm by Robert

If you’re the type of person who has a penchant for drinking from odd and unique glasses, this is a win for you. A number of shot glasses that look like Canon camera lenses have been designed by DERELIQ Designs.

DERELIQ Designs is a design studio that is run by a group of UC Berkley students. These shot glasses are perfect in every detail, from the tiny auto-to-manual focus switch to the focus ring ridges. These shot glasses are nice and is made from heavy ceramic so it feels really solid in your hands. The shot glasses are accurate recreations of the Canon EF 24 – 105 mm lens.

Each set comes with three shot glasses, which you can use for anything other than drinking, like putting your paper clips or spare change in them. You can also use it as a container for jelly beans and unused rolls of film.

The designers said that the Canon lens Shot Glass is “a conversation starter, a shot glass, and a bad-ass piece of decor all in one.” The makers also said that these shot glasses are non-toxic and lead-free, as verified by the world’s leading inspection agency, SGS Group.

A set will cost you around £11 ($18) and they are currently backordered. These shot glasses can hold the standard shot (1.6 ounces) and will be perfect for photography fans who like to take shots of espresso or shots of alcohol, if they’re into it.

You can check out the DERELIQ website for more information.

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