Charge Your Gadgets before Flying to the US from Heathrow

Posted on Jul 7 2014 - 9:15pm by simon

If you are planning to fly from Heathrow Airport for your summer holidays then there is a good chance that you are going to be taking some of your favourite gadgets away with you.

We all love to use our phone, our tablet or some other gadgets while we are sunning ourselves on a beach and worrying about whether heading back to the breakfast buffet for a second time might be seen as excessive.

However, one issue that might concern you before you even get on the plane is what to do with your gadgets before you fly. Thankfully, bosses as Heathrow have made sure that it is now clearer how to take away your gadgets, especially if you are going to the US.

New information has been added to the Heathrow Airport website and Facebook page, following a request from the US. Basically, it says that if you are flying from there to the US then you get all of your electronic devices charged before take them on as pieces of hand luggage.

Extra Security in Some Cases


The rules now state that if you can’t switch the gadget on when asked, you won’t be able to take it on with you as hand luggage and will need to check it in with your hold luggage. If this happens to you then you might also need to pass through an extra set of security screen before travelling.

The American request only affects certain airports and the Department of Transport haven’t yet confirmed whether the rules will be extended to other UK airports from now on. If you are travelling to the State from a different British airport then it would be wise to ask about this first of all or just make sure that your gadgets are fully charged anyway.

Have your gadgets ever caused you security issues when travelling?

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