Chevrolet releases Special Edition ‘Bumblebee’ Camaro

Posted on Jun 30 2011 - 4:08pm by Julius

The Chevrolet Camaro returns to the big screen with Transformers: Dark of the Moon opening today. As the car that plays Bumblebee, the car company reveals another special edition car in their showrooms.

The car company says it is celebrating the launch of the latest Transformers movie with the Special Edition Camaro Coupe. It is available in the Europe, the US, Canada, Japan, China, the Middle East and South America.

“The Transformers franchise has helped introduce Camaro – and Chevrolet – to a whole new generation of fans,” said Chevrolet Marketing Vice President Rick Scheidt. “Its role in the films helped make the Camaro the best-selling sports car in America, and one of the best-known cars of any kind around the world.”

The fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro played the role of Bumblebee in the 2007’s Transformers and 2009’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The movies generated about $1.5 billion in box-office sales, and it has helped reintroduce the company and the car to consumers after a seven-year break from dealership.

The Special Edition Camaro Coupe will feature black rally stripes, a high-wing rear spoiler, 20-inch black wheels, and Autobot logos on the front quarter panels and center caps.

The car’s interior will feature black leather seats with Autobot shield logos embroidered on the headrests. Also, tow dealer-installed options are available: a black ground effects package and a 21-inch black-painted wheels.

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