Chill Your White Wine Instantly (and Your Red Wine Too if You Are Feeling Daring)

Posted on May 22 2014 - 9:36am by Robert

Let’s start off by facing up to a simple fact; you want chilled wine and you want it right now.

If waiting for wine to chill is something that you simply don’t have time for then the arrival of the Instant White Wine Chiller could be a great solution. Of course, if you are feeling all cutting edge and controversial we reckon you could probably chill some of the red stuff with this little beauty as well.

A problem you might face when dealing with the unexpectedly complex world of chilled white wine is that just sticking a bottle in the fridge isn’t a great idea. Sure, it works for your strawberry yoghurt and semi-skimmed milk but white wine needs to be served at the perfect temperature to be savoured and fully enjoyed.

This wine chilling gadget costs a little under £25, which we reckon isn’t that much more than a cheeky little bottle or two of the good stuff.

Works Blooming Fast


How fast does it work? Blooming fast, if we are being brutally honest. Just plonk it on top of the bottle, look for a couple of glasses, serve it and – hey presto! – it’s chilled before you can even work out what snacks to nibble on while you drink.

How does it do this? Ah, the clever part is that you store the Instant White Wine Chiller in your freezer when you aren’t using it. You then take it out and put it on the bottle just as you are about to serve the wine. As the liquid passes through the device it gets instantly chilled. You can use it to make your wine taste better for up to an hour after taking it out of the freezer.

Does this sound like the ideal way to serve your win?

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