Chinese man makes a sea plane that doesn’t fly

Posted on Jun 24 2011 - 5:04pm by Robert

A 40-year-old factory worker from China spent three years building a sea plane that unfortunately, does not fly. Liu Chun Shen, a factory worker from Jiangsu province in China, used his aviation knowledge to build a sea plane only to find out that it doesn’t have the ability to fly.

Liu started working on the project in July 2009, doing all the work including the assembly and welding of parts. He moved forward on the project without consulting a professional mechanic or an aviation specialist.

He was inspired by an enlarged photo of a concept plane he saw in a magazine. The custom sea plane is made with an aluminum body with stainless steel pipes. It has a single seat cockpit that has no more than 3 meters in total area. The cockpit features all the necessary gear.

The sea plane was created to function like the Bell-Boeing V-22, which uses a propeller to lift off from water and to provide stability and momentum. The size of the propeller came short as it doesn’t enable the aircraft to stay in the air for a short while. The reported weight of the aircraft is 250 kilograms.

Liu plans on improving his sea plane, installing a longer 1.6-meter propeller that he said will be enough to lift the aircraft. The craft has two 100-horsepower engines to power the propellers, which will lift the plane off the water surface. There are no news yet on the matter but we hope to see this home-built sea plane fly soon.

This isn’t the first time we have seen home built projects, a few weeks ago we wrote a story about a man who built a replica Lamborghini Reventon from sheet metal, we love nutty inventors and hope people continue to build things. What do you think of the plane?

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