Chris Evans Blows Over £5m On A Ferrari

Posted on May 19 2008 - 7:37pm by Richard Sharp

Chris Evans Buys £5m FerrariChris Evans has never been one to shy away from blowing his cash on something he wants. But he’s outdone himself this time, spending just over £5 million to buy a Ferrari once owned by The Great Escape actor James Coburn at a prestigious Ferrari auction. The price unsurprisingly represents the highest value a car has ever sold at auction.

The typical price one can expect to pay for this model Ferrari is around $5 million, or just under £2.5 million. However, a combination of a vicious bidding war and the history of this particular car itself saw prices rocket to an almost unbelievable level.

We recently showed you some pictures of the next model of Ferrari California and bearing in mind the impressive line up of cars the BBC Radio DJ already has in his personal collection, we’re willing to wager that this won’t be the last California he buys by the end of the year. Expect a blog entry some time in October to say he’s been to Paris for a few days and bought a new toy.

While it will undoubtedly cost a few pounds, and people are sure to criticise (personally I don’t see the problem with him spending the money however he wants), the next addition is unlikely to cost quite the same amount.

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