Chrome takes over IE as the number 1 browser

Posted on May 22 2012 - 1:23pm by Julius

For the first time, Google Chrome has become the most popular Web browser in the world, edging out Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, according to the latest data from StatCounter. After years of climbing up the browser charts and taking away the market share of Microsoft, Google’s Chrome takes the top spot with 32.76 percent share, while Internet Explorer went down to 31.94 percent.

Last year, Internet Explorer led the browser battle with 43 percent of the world’s market share, followed by Mozilla Firefox with 29 percent, and Google’s browser on third place with 19 percent. A year later, Chrome gained 13 percent, while Internet Explorer lost 12 percent of the market share.

“Our stats are based on over 15 billion hits per month to over three million global websites from nearly every country in the world,” said StatCounter Director Jennifer Cullen. “We base our stats on page views and we feel this gives the fairest approximation of internet usage.”

Other trackers still have Internet Explorer in the lead, but some say this is due to the fact that the browser comes pre-installed on Windows-based computers. Also, some groups criticized the data collection methods of StatCounter, saying that it does not account how countries collect their data.

This wasn’t the first time Google topped Microsoft, though. In March, Chrome took over the lead in the browser market share for one day. StatCounter said that we will have to see whether Chrome can make a long-term lead in the browser wars.

Does Chrome have what it takes to take the lead?


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