Clocky – The Alarm Clock That Runs Away

Posted on May 25 2008 - 9:03pm by Richard Sharp

Clocky - Snooze Is No Longer An OptionThe early morning sun is beating through the curtains that offer little respite against the bright rays. The alarm is beeping coquettishly in an attempt to rouse you from your slumber and gently coax you to waken. Like every morning you reach over to hit the snooze button, but where the alarm usually sits is nothing but space. You grope around a little more but find nothing while the almost friendly beeping continues to trespass on your sleepy state.

Begrudgingly you pry your eyes open searching for the reason that your sacred snooze button has been taken from you. In the peripheral of your vision you catch the fleeting glimpse of a small white object disappearing behind the cupboard. Slowly, information begins to seep into the conscious section of your brain as you’re forced to exit the comfortable confines of slumber.

Forcing your still tired limbs from your bed, you head for the back of the cupboard and the source of those happy little beeps. But, alas, as you reach the source it quickly turns heel and heads toward the bathroom. Now completely bereft of sleep you manage to catch the Clocky as it beeps once more happy in the knowledge that it’s performed its morning routine to the greatest effect.

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