Come in and go away doormat

Posted on Jan 15 2009 - 2:32am by David Gray

amat.gifHow many times in the past have you wanted a peaceful day by yourself but had the unfortunate experience of guests knocking on the door at the worst possible moment? How many times have the in-laws come round uninvited and sometimes unwanted?

Check out this quality come in and go away doormat which you can use to reflect your mood of the day. The writing is printed in such a way that turned one way it reads go away and turned the other way it reads come in, although take a quick look at the picture above and you will see exactly what we mean!

If you are in a good mood simply place the mat to read come in as people approach your door and go away when people leave you. If you are in a bad mood and know a particular guest is about to turn up why not spin the mat round and it will read go away before they even knock on your door. While obviously targeted at the novelty mat market this come in and go away doormat is made of the highest quality natural materials and acts as a very useful shoe cleaner.

However, remember there is a time and a place for being rude!

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