Complete Control Over Your Home

Posted on Jul 22 2008 - 10:49pm by Richard Sharp

HP Thync - The Ultimate Remote ControlThe Universal Remote control; has become as big a part of many of our live’s as the items they control. With TV, DVD player, satellite TV, speakers, PVR, games console, and possibly more all requiring the essential use of a remote control it’s as much a question of saving your sanity as it is anything else and the universal remote does just that (except when you’re programming some of them, and then they are from being sanity savers).

This funky looking and futuristic device, called the HP Thync goes several steps further because it’s a home automation universal remote too. As well as controlling everything around and including the TV you can control lights, curtains, even the cooker and the washing machine – although, unfortunately, it won’t prepare the food or separate the whites from the colours.

It is alleged that the device would be simple to operate, despite offering complete power over pretty much everything electrical in your house (obviously you need the home networking kits that enable you to remotely control these various devices) and if you don’t look of the graphical touch screen interface it will have the option to completely bend it to your own will.

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