Concept cooker makes pans obsolete

Posted on Feb 24 2010 - 10:37pm by simon

A brand new cooker designed by manufacturer Electrolux has been showcased in a concept video, with the device having the ability to make frying pans and woks a thing of the past.

Electrolux says that it will not be turning its Heart of the Home gadget into a reality quite yet. In fact it believes that most consumers will have to wait about 40 years to see one in their own homes.

The device itself is an all-in-one cooking solution, consisting of a single malleable surface that responds to the user’s touch commands. You should be able to mould the surface with your hands to create the shape of the receptacle that you desire and panels will appear next to active surface areas in order to adjust the heat levels and set a cooking time.

In the promo video, which is animated and completely conceptual, it looks as though the user will be able to access recipe information on the surface as well via a touch sensitive screen, presumably with internet connectivity built-in.

A sink unit is also integrated into the Heart of the Home device and it should be able to boil water and even allow you to transfer it over to a pan for rice or pasta cooking. Since the surface acts as the cooking, preparation and possibly even the eating surface, the washing up will be minimised.

The one thing that Electrolux does not seem to have factored into its concept cooker is Shrove Tuesday, as it will presumably make the flipping of pancakes impossible due to the lack of utensils.

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