Condiment Gun

Posted on Oct 31 2008 - 6:15pm by David Gray

CONDGUN.jpgWho ever thought you could possibly put together the words condiment and gun and come up with a gadget which will probably prove very popular at Christmas. Ever fancied yourself as a cowboy? A gunslinger? Or an assassin?

Now you’ll get the chance to show off what can do with this excellent Condiment Gun which comes with two “ammo” cartridges allowing you to choose your weapon. Then all you need to do is point, squeeze the trigger and an array of sauces and other condiments will literally be on a plate for you.

However the Condiment Gun will also prove a very useful tool to get the kids to eat a proper meal as it will take their minds off what they are actually about to eat. So next time you reach for your favourite sauce and there is a tiny bit at the bottom there is no need to wait until it dribbles onto your plate, simply load up your Condiment Gun aim and fire.

The only possible downside is if you mix your sauces, with the likes of mustard and other tangy options unlikely to go down well with a number of your meal guests!

Something different, yes, something useful, possibly, something for the kids?

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