Console Gaming News – It’s All About The Next Gen Of Next Gens

Posted on Aug 4 2010 - 1:41pm by Matt Jackson

It’s quite incredible (well, not really, but it works well as an opening gambit) that as soon as one of the big manufacturers makes an announcement it turns that their main rivals were ready to make a very similar one. In the case of games consoles it’s almost as though all three big manufacturers ready an announcement and then they have a stand-off until one fires the first salvo causing the others to join in. Anybody that gets left out loses the round and receives a stern “must try harder” reprimand.

Anyway, this very same habit appears to have resurfaced today. Two of the three console manufacturers have released some hint about their next step in the console war. Nintendo have said that there’s a surprise in store for the Nintendo Wii 2, which many believe may even be here later this year, and a white PS3 slim with 320GB hard drive has also been announced. And so, it seems that it’s Microsoft that receives the “must try harder” on this occasion.

The Nintendo Wii 2 is absolutely in the offing and some believe that it could land on our shelves as soon as the turn of the year but nobody really knows what’s being planned except for a few hints that it might have a Blu Ray player included. Satoru Iwata, the Nintendo chief, has said that there will be a surprise when the system is released but won’t give anything away for fear of competitors stealing their ideas.

Meanwhile an “unnamed source” has said that a white PS3 Slim with either a 160GB or 320GB hard drive will soon be available in the UK shops. In fact, they could be here in October and the source has said that the smaller 160GB model will have an economic price point while the 320GB model represents a decent step up from the current 250GB best offer in the UK.

Will you be buying a Wii 2?

Or has the whole arm waving, back breaking, TV breaking craze fallen away completely now?

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