Corsair Voyager Port – turnkey or turkey?

Posted on Apr 2 2009 - 8:34pm by Richard Sharp

Corsair have at last officially announced the launch of the new Voyager Port, which they describe in their press release as an “innovative solution to transform any USB flash drive into a powerful and flexible portable backup and recovery device “. The compact Corsair Voyager Port device is extremely portable and comes complete with a ten year guarantee and a copy of NovaBACKUP 10, which is a data recovery and backup software program that allows for complete storage and protection of vital documents.

The Corsair Voyager Port requires no power supply using a very easy ‘plug and play’ operation via USB connection directly to a PC or laptop, and then it is a simple case of using any USB flash drive and full back up operation by pressing only one button on the Flash Voyager port allows for immediate back up all your critical files. The portability of the device makes it ideal for not only the safe keeping of your files but also for safe transportation to use at another PC as the device is both shock and water resistant.

Corsair recommend that use of the Voyager Port as a “total back up solution for notebooks and netbooks”, the device can take a “snapshot” of the system which can be use in the even to a total power failure or system breakdown so that essential data is preserved and easily accessed.

There have been some mixed responses in the industry to the new Corsair Voyager Port, some experts feel that the concept is not required and is just an unnecessary add-on, however we here at Gadgets and Gizmos believe that dependant on cost not being too high (which has not been released as yet) it could possibly be a cost effective and simple method for safe data storage and retrieval for the home PC user.

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