Could a Cat Hack Your Wi-Fi Network?

Posted on Sep 10 2014 - 11:50pm by Paul

Anyone who still has any doubts about whether cats are evil might find their mind made up when they hear about the WarKitteh gadget which has recently been in the news.

A chap called Gene Bransfield is behind this small Wi-Fi hacking device but it is our feline friends who can do the dirty work for him. Gene is a security engineer and he came up with a cat collar that is jam packed full of technology and can help Wi-Fi hackers find networks with weak security.

The unusual pet accessory comes with a Spark Cord board lurking inside it to help it find and map wireless networks while working out if there any vulnerable areas in them. All of this is done, of course, while our buddy with the whiskers and the smug grin wanders about the place looking for mice or cheese or whatever it is that cats do to keep themselves busy all day.

It’s Just a Bit of Feline Fun


If you hadn’t guessed by now, the WarKitteh was created as a joke, even though it is something that could be used by hackers with the current technology (and cats) around these days. Perhaps it is best seen as a gentle reminder to make your home Wi-Fi network as security as possible. Gene’s moggy discovered on this daily meandering that many of his neighbours had weak Wi-Fi security that a less friendly cat could have exploited. In fact, some of them had no real security protection at all.

Would the WarKitteh discover any weaknesses in your home’s Wi-Fi network?

Photograph: Tom Brewster/The Guardian


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