Could brainwaves do my work for me?

Posted on May 19 2009 - 8:16pm by Richard Sharp

mindset-blue-214x300Well there is ‘now’t stranger than the truth’ or so they say. News reaches us from across the pond that a company called NeuroSky based in San Jose, California has developed technology that allows users to harness their brain power to operate simple machinery or computer games. The technology uses the electrical pulses that the neurons in the brain releases to send messages to operate the patented ‘ThinkGear’ interface which then controls the connected device.

Telekinesis has always been the stuff of science fiction, however it looks like science fiction has become science reality and the future could be using our thoughts to operate our cars, kitchen equipment, computers, in fact any device that is currently operated by touch could in fact use the new technology from NeuroSky to operate it. ThinkGear could provide untold opportunities to operate a range of machinery and in fact for those who suffer from a disability this could spell freedom as last from the problems of everyday life. Another proposed use of the new technology is to operate the sophisticated military aircraft but clearly this is way off in the future.

At the moment the new ThinkGear technology is being used to operate simple games, one in particular that levitates a ping-pong ball in a tube. The user wears the special headset and focuses their attention on the ball to levitate it, the more skilled a player gets the better the result. The new game called the StarWars Force Trainer is by Uncle Milton and is at the moment only available to purchase in America.

To be released very soon is the NeuroSky MindSet, this product again uses a headset which the makers claim can read the messages from your brain waves to send controlling messages to your PC. Of course if this was April 1st we would all be having a good laugh; however this appears to be factual and has even been reported in the Washington Post which is really quite scary and we can only assume gives some credence to this very strange story.

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