Could the Budget Android One Change the Future of Budget Smartphones?

Posted on Sep 18 2014 - 4:42pm by simon

Could a bright new future be lying ahead for low cost smartphones? The first of the Android One budget devices is now on sale in India and may pave the way for a wave of cheap new phones.

The idea with the Android One phones is that they will provide the bare minimum of features which are required to run the Google owned operating system. In addition to using the cheapest parts available, the firm has also got an agreement with a local network so that users can download updates and apps to their phone at a low cost.

Some technology experts have suggested that the release of the Android One should meet with far better and more widespread approval than the budget priced Android phones that have been brought out to date. The system in place allows the original equipment manufacturers to choose the CPU, the type of battery and the type of camera among other things.

Will It Be Released in the West?


Once the phone gets to the people at Android they “tune it…work out the bugs” and make it secure. The next countries that are expected to receive the Android One are Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal and Sri Lanka. There are no plans to launch it in the West yet but it hasn’t been entirely ruled out either.

The display is 4.5 inches, there is 1GB of RAM and is boasts two cameras and a Taiwanese produced quadcore process.

In which countries do you think the Android One could be a success?

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