Could the Next iPhone be Waterproof?

Posted on Oct 1 2015 - 2:00am by Robert

The latest Apple rumours suggest that the tech giant could be to looking to make its next generation of iPhones waterproof.

The suggestion is that Apple bosses want to make their phones as durable as possible, especially in light of the Bendgate controversy earlier this year.

Introducing 7000 series aluminium on the new iPhone 6S was certainly one step towards doing this. Could an iPhone that you can take into the shower with you or go surfing with be the next move? It is definitely a possibly not be discounted.

Rumours of a waterproof model in the future for iPhone surfaced recently on the Japanese blog Mac Otakara. In fact, the idea stated on this blog is that the iPhone 7 would be both waterproof and dustproof as well in the future.

Other Smartphones Are Already Waterproof


Of course, other smartphone manufacturers such as Sony have already been making their devices waterproof for a while, although Apple has yet to do this so far.

Some evidence that they are planning on different ways of doing this comes from the patents that Apple has lodged in the past. These include a number of possible methods of making a phone waterproof, with silicone seals and fully encapsulated processors among them.

Recent tests have actually shown that the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus can survive an hour sitting in a bowl of water, although it is best to wait for a fully, officially waterproof model before you try this on your phone at home.

Is it time for a waterproof iPhone or doesn’t it matter to you?



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