Could The NightWatchman Save The Government £10m A Year?

Posted on May 25 2008 - 2:38am by Richard Sharp

Bye Bye StandbyThe Government has reported that if public sector workers were to turn off their PCs when not working, it could save more than 55,000 tonnes per year in carbon emissions and save a staggering £10.2m per year in energy costs. Because, apparently, turning off a PC is a little too difficult for many government workers to manage manually they will instead rely on NightWatchman software developed by 1E.

NightWatchman is estimated to save businesses £43 per annum per PC and still enables patches and other downloads to be managed at specific times. Unfortunately, while NightWatchman is scalable for the average government it isn’t feasible for home use.

For those of us at home wanting to do our bit for the environment or save bucket loads of cash on energy bills, standby is believed to be one of the biggest culprits. Like government workers we apparently have problems using power buttons properly. Approximately 8% of the energy we use every year is through electrical equipment being left on standby – equivalent to 1.6m tonnes of CO2 or £290m in electricity.

Bye Bye Standby is an innovative solution that will, surprisingly, pay for itself within a few months. OK, so the average home only wastes around £40 a year on standby but it does genuinely add up. The Bye Bye Standby is a smart plug with remote control. It aims to resolve the problem of traversing the Great Wire Tangle that is present behind every TV in order to completely turn off the power on electrical devices.

For around £20 (Tesco) you can get three plugs with remote control, so it should be pay for itself within 6 months or so and you will be doing your bit.

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