Could The Nikon P7000 Offer High End Photography To The Masses?

Posted on Sep 8 2010 - 12:21pm by Matt Jackson

SLR cameras offer truly exceptional results, assuming you can work out the mass of settings and aren’t shy walking about with one of the largest cameras you’ll see on the high street. In contrast, digital cameras are simple to use and can have you shooting reasonable pictures in an instant. Bridge cameras are basically supposed to bridge the gap between these two styles and then there’s the Nikon P7000, set for release on 23rd September, which is essentially a bridge camera – it offers all the trickery and high quality imagery of an SLR but without you having to look like you’re shooting an adult film.

It is absolutely stuffed with funky gadgets that sound like they should offer you excellent results for your photography. Even better than that, we don’t know what half of them mean or do and they’re always the best functions to have on a camera when you’re showing off.

The Nikon P7000 offers a 10MP 1/1.7″ sensor and a 28-200mm equivalent zoom. What’s more, it offers EXPEED C2image processing that gives superior low lighting performance and movie recording. D-lighting will even step in when you’re struggling to find the right setting and this will make shots look more natural even in some of the most challenging of lighting conditions.

As well as being a seriously geeky bit of camera tech, the Nikon P7000 can also shoot HD video clips and record stereo sound. You can then play the HD clips back straight to your TV or other HD display directly via the HDMI cable.

If you want a camera that lets you make the most minute changes to picture detail and settings and you’re happy to spend just shy of £500 for the privilege of a decent, more subtle looking camera then the Nikon P7000 is ideal. If not, then why are you still reading?

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