Could This Be The Next HTC Phone?

Posted on Jul 15 2010 - 12:27pm by Matt Jackson

HTC phones are seemingly being vomited out at a fair rate of knotts recently; new phones are being released and unveiled all over the place, many of them to decent critical acclaim. The HTC Desire and HTC HD Mini are among two of the more recent releases while a concept phone currently titled the HTC 1 has also been leaked to certain parts of the Internet and the proposed iPhone killer does look sexy (if that’s your thing).

In all honesty the HTC 1 isn’t all that likely to be released, certainly not in its exact guise, as it has been designed by blogger Andrew Kim on his Design Fabulous blog as a means to show that other developers should be able to advance their phones toa degree that would make them comparable and competitive with the iPhone and he does make a valid point although some of the ideas may be a little too far left field to be included in any phones released in the near future; it even destroys microorganisms on the screen as you charge the phone – genius.

Current HTC phones are performing reasonably well in the real world. The HTC Desire was well received for its AMOLED screen and advanced email although there were some niggles over the poor battery life. The Sense user interface of the HTC HD Mini was also a positive point for the mobile phone company but critics weren’t impressed with the fact that it ran Windows Mobile as its operating system.

Both phones also feature good looking designs and are comfortable to hold and use. They do have their problems like an inability to wake them from sleep mode with the front buttons but you can expect these problems to be ironed out in future releases of the mobile handsets.

Got yourself an HTC yet?

Would you buy the concept HTC 1 if Kim was suddenly employed by HTC?

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