Could we see a quad core, Blu-ray Touting Wii 2 at E3?

Posted on Mar 7 2011 - 8:12pm by Thomas Sharp

As you may be aware E3, the world’s biggest gaming conference, is being held in Los Angeles between 7th and 9th June. It’s a chance for all the big hitters to bring their latest releases and developments for gamers to ogle at. One such brand is Nintendo who are hotly tipped to unveil the sequel to their insanely popular Wii aptly named Wii 2.

Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, has made no bones about the console actually being in development but he has yet to reveal an exact or even vague time for its official launch. So why is the Wii 2 expected to land at E3?

The speculation comes direct from Zelda Informer who says Nintendo has to recognise their ‘declining sales’ and strike when the irons hot, well at least still warm. Their point is that Nintendo announced the 3DS when the going was still relatively good which arguably is the exact position the Wii currently enjoys. If Nintendo are to cash in on that good feeling it seems the right time to unveil the Wii 2 will indeed this summer.

If Nintendo do decide to use E3 as a launch platform it is unlikely that the Wii 2 will go on sale any earlier than Spring 2012, this is a logical pattern which is very similar the 3DS console. Some say that the Wii 2 won’t actually be released until Winter 2012 – that’s IF they unveil it at E3. So will it be worth the wait?

In short – yes, the Wii 2 is likely to pack a quad core processor, include blu-ray and might include an integrated projector making it a very mobile, motion based console. No clear indication has been given yet on whether Ninty will stick with the Wiimote or go down the full on gesture control route.

So exciting times ahead, no clear answers but we could have them within a matter of months.

What would you like to see from the Wii 2?

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