Crostino Twists Your Toast – Avoids Burnt Fingers

Posted on Mar 6 2012 - 7:39pm by Richard Sharp

The toaster has to be one of the worlds greatest inventions, you pop in bread and out pops toast. Well, that’s how it’s supposed to work but you invariably need to jam your hand into the opening to remove the blackened toast. Thankfully the days of needing asbestos fingers could be over, at least if Crostino has anything to do with it.

Their latest smart toaster has a similar opening to a normal toaster and even looks pretty standard from a distance. The clever bit comes when you need to deposit your tasty toast because this beauty has a spinning action which actually tips it out onto your plate.

You’ll notice that the toaster is raised significantly higher than standard toasters, three quarters of an inch in fact. This is essential for the twisting action and also allows users to plonk a plate underneath it.

Other handy features include an LCD panel to program it for different widths of bread, rolls and bagels. Users can even select from a variety of different toast shades and toast bread from frozen using the defrost mode.

The project is the brain child of Sid Bhat who has placed more information on his coroflot page. We wonder if toast tastes better this way? Sid seems to think that twisting your toast is the way forward and it looks awesome, what do you think?

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