David Attenborough backs 3D TV series

Posted on Apr 8 2010 - 8:21am by simon

Fans of natural history and national treasure David Attenborough will be pleased to hear that Sky will be bringing a new full 3D presentation featuring the great man himself to the select few people who buy into the 3D TV craze.

Sir David is going to take the helm of Flying Monsters 3D; a feature that deals with airborne dinosaurs from hundreds of millions of years ago. It will be shown in 3D at IMAX theatres, but will also become part of Sky’s first 3D programming on the UK’s only 3D channel.

The dinosaurs under the spotlight will be the pterosaurs, which spent their time on the wing over 200 million years ago. With a wingspan of 45 feet, the pterosaur should have good screen presence and will hopefully make the most of the new 3D technology, helping to convince those early adopters that they have made a worthy investment.

Sky is really pushing 3D TV and in securing this Attenborough-backed program it is attempting to appeal to people who might not be interested in the live sport and movie licenses that it has also arranged in 3D.

Sir David says that he has seen television move through various technological advances, having begun his career back when everything was broadcast in black and white. He praised Sky for innovating with the new 3D technology, with which he is clearly taken.

Sir David said that the pterosaurs were the largest flying beasts to ever live and their domination of the skies should translate well in 3D format.

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