Do You Want to Wake Up Refreshed by R2-D2?

Posted on Aug 28 2012 - 2:47pm by Robert

We looked at a Darth Vader lamp a few days ago, and blooming nice it was too. Who can resist lighting up their room with the help of the man formerly known as Anakin Skywalker? However, who then wakes you up in the morning?

If you have a boring old alarm clock or you use the alarm on your phone then it might be time to get yourself an R2-D2 alarm clock. This cheery little fellow doesn’t mind blasting out Star Wars themes and moving about your floor at 5am, 7am or even earlier if you want it.

Some Sort of Princess Needs Help

It lights up, it talks, it gives messages from some Princess whose name I forget and it is a duplicate of the original down to the “last detail”. It also supposedly wakes you up and leaves you “refreshed” by the music by the films. I love the music from the Star wars films but the only way this little chap is going to leave me refreshed in the morn is if he wheels in a giant cup of coffee while blasting out those classic tunes.

It is officially licensed and if you collect this kind of thing then it would be a worthy addition to your collection. If you check out the sliding panel on his chest then you will also find an LCD screen here where you can set the controls.

This version of our old buddy costs about 80 quid and comes with a year’s guarantee. Of course, there are plenty of cheaper models around if you want to feel the force in the morning without feeling the pain in your bank accounts.

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