Does the iCloud have a Silver Lining for the Apple iPhone 5?

Posted on Apr 30 2011 - 4:37pm by Robert

The latest rumour out about the long awaited iPhone 5 it that it will include the brand new iCloud service from Apple.

iCloud is the name that industry analysts expect to be put onto the new Apple integrated web service, and it seems that the people at the tech firm are already using this name in their internal discussions.

The expectation is that the iCloud system will allow users to synchronise stored information the way the MobileMe service does. While some people think that it may actually just be a rebranding of the MobileMe product others are hoping for a big leap forward and lots of new features which have never before seen on Apple phones.

The rumour is backed up by the report – as yet unverified – that Apple has bought the domain name from Xcerion for around $4.5 million. Another theory is that iCloud is going to be the firm’s dedicated cloud based music system, while yet another idea being bounced around is that they have simply snapped up the name while they could, without being sure yet what exactly they are going to be using it for in the future.

The former iCloud logo


The word on the street is that the iOS 5 and the Mac OS X Lion will be out in beta version before June is through. After that we may have to wait a few months before the iPhone 5 hits the shelves. The most accurate sounding sources point to September as being the likely launch date provided that all goes well with the final phases of testing and production.

What would you like to see on the iPhone 5 iCloud service?



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