Drone Training Courses Now in the UK

Posted on Sep 23 2015 - 8:59pm by Robert

Do you dream of taking control of your own drone and sending it soaring high into the sky under your expert, unwavering control? Well, then you will be pleased to see that there are now professional drone training courses being offered in the UK.

The people running them have a vast amount of experience in both flying drones and working as commercial airplane pilots.

The name of the company is UAV Air and the airline experience comes from 4 highly experienced pilots. The drone experience comes from the people behind the Clolud12 and UAViate operations, who can include Hollywood drone flying in their experience. All in all, the whole team has more than 4 decades of experience in flying drones and airplanes.

A Growing Industry


The new training courses were previewed by director Will Coldwell. He pointed out that the drone industry is still new but that it is expanding at a “phenomenal rate”. He went on to say that this has led to a need for training run by experts who know all about aviation guidelines.

The UK courses begin this month, with Berkshire set to be the first place to hold one. After that, there will be other courses held in Staffordshire and East Yorkshire. Coldwell said that the level of interest in their training has been “phenomenal”.

The courses on offer give the chance for fast track drone training, with 2 and 3 days courses available for anyone will little time to learn how to fly a drone.

Would you like to learn how to control drones on a course like this?

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