Drones to Start Delivering Mail in Switzerland

Posted on Apr 28 2015 - 4:38pm by Robert

It looks as though it could be the beginning of the end for postmen, as the Swiss postal service plans to start using drones to deliver mail. What would Postman Pat think of it all and what are the prospects of him finding another job that lets him take his cat to work every day?

The Swiss Post agency has teamed up with the drone company Matternet to start the trials, which are expected to begin this summer. The first trial will involve Matternet ONE drones being used in a number of different locations. If this initial phase is a success then another couple of trial periods will be carried out before the decision is made on whether to go live with the drone service.

Up to a Kilo Over 12 Miles

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These drones can carry up to 1 kg and a single charge allows them to go for over 12 miles, which probably isn’t much as Pat’s van but is still impressive.

Dieter Bambauer is the Head of Post Logistics at Swiss Post and he says that with this technology they are trying out a type of “transportation of the future already today”. Andreas Raptopolous is the CEO of Matternet and he said that that they are “extremely excited” about finding out how this technology could bring “tremendous value” to Switzerland.

Matternet has already given trials to its drones in Haiti, when they were used to send medical supplies to hard to reach places. In fact, their drones have flown more hours than anyone else’s.

How would you feel about receiving your post by drone?

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