Dual-LED flash rumored for Apple iPhone 5

Posted on Jun 23 2011 - 3:01pm by Julius

Rumors about the Apple iPhone 5 have been floating around online and new information about the popular smartphone grows as the excitement grows. An article by DigiTimes said that there are rumors that the iPhone 5 will be using a dual-LED flash. Taiwan-based firms Everlight Electronics, Lite-On Technology and Edison Opto are said to be the potential flash suppliers. The three companies have denied their involvement in the dual-LED production.

The article stated that “Everlight and Lite-On have strengthened their deployments in the smartphone market for a while, with their products already being shipped to the supply chains of brand-name handset vendors.” Sources also say that Edison Opto specializes in making high-power LEDs and have been producing LED flashes for mobile phone vendors, which makes it a possibility for them to produce dual-LED flashes for Apple.

Last week, AppleInsider reported that Apple has reduced its orders for Lumileds LED flash products from Philips, which could mean that they may go with other companies to supply for the iPhone 5. It is also said that the new supplier for LED flash will be a Taiwan-based firm.

The iPhone 4 is the first Apple phone that uses an LED flash and prior the the unveiling of the device, it was reported that Philips will be supplying the Lumileds for the iPhone 4.

Photos of iPhone 5 cases came out last month shows a different location for the phone’s flash, which will ultimately give the captured photos a wider coverage of light. Some photos of what seems to be the back panel of the new iPhone came out last May, these turned out to be a mock-up.

Last weekend a trio of research came together to predict the iPhone 5 release date which is hotly tipped for September.

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